Why Weight Training Works Great for Women

There are facts and then there are myths. Among the many myths that are regularly fed to scores of women who are looking to shed those extra pounds is the “Weight training is for men” and adds bulk to your body and makes you less feminine” talk. What we see in hundreds of these fitness magazines and websites is a series of cardio, yoga and stretching workouts that do not exactly deal with building resistance. Look back at the various reasons behind you deciding to go in for fitness training.

If the reasons were anywhere in the vicinity of losing unwanted fat and weight, building strength, looking toned and fit and improving general resistance to disorders and diseases, you need to look beyond the veils of magazine fiction and start training on weights. The simple and logical reason behind this is that, to accomplish your fitness goals, you need the requisite strength. Quite a number of researches have indicated that weight training benefits women in multiple ways by enhancing the overall health and strength. All personal trainers will probably vouch for this fact I certainly do. Yet a majority of women are suspicious of it and are quite reluctant to include it in their routine.

Before blindly throwing away an opportunity to gain from this excellent training for the fear of bulky muscles and masculine look, read on to comprehend and analyze the advantages of weight training to arrive at an informed decision that will be highly beneficial to you in the long run.

Harvesting Good Health

Among the many advantages of weight training is the possibility of attaining a good load of health benefits.

    • Enhanced Bone strength: Every woman loses a considerable amount of bone mass with age. Though osteoporosis is prevalent in both genders, its effects are much more visible and drastic in women. Due to this increased loss in bone strength, women are more susceptible to bone fractures and breaks, especially beyond the age of 40. It is therefore necessary to build bone mass and weight and resistance training aids immensely in that. Weight / resistance training at a younger age serves to build bone strength to tackle future problems while it helps improve bone mass and decelerates the aging of bones in older women who have hit menopause. Weight / resistance training has the capacity to augment the density of bones by over 13% in half a year. With enough natural supplements, weight training can be your best defense against the horrifying problem of osteoporosis.


    • Robust heart: According to the results of many researches and the accounts of many from the medical fraternity, lifting weights improves the overall health and well being of the heart. Its various cardio vascular benefits include significant reduction in LDL or “Bad Cholesterol” and a raise in HDL or “Good Cholesterol”. It has also been indicated that weight training contributes to better management of blood pressure. It is even more vital for individuals who have encountered major heart ailments previously. Weight training serves as an excellent partner in your quest for a healthier and robust heart.


    • Stronger Back and Injury Management: One of the major ailments today that makes us inactive and unproductive is lower back pain. Proper Weight training can help to fortify the back muscles and lighten the pain while preventing injuries in the long run. It also works well to ease pain due to arthritis by improving the strength of the tissues and joints. Apart from minimizing bone injuries, weight training also significantly reduces the chances of injuries to muscles, tissues and ligaments by strengthening them.


    • Better Posture and balance: A diligently followed weight training program helps in firming and toning up your muscles. This not only enhances your overall stance and posture by strengthening your spine and neck muscles but also builds up your balance to reduce the threats of injury due to falls. For those looking to improve performance in sporting and adventurous activities that involve balance, weight training is a great asset


    • Enhance Physical strength: Who said that women cannot be stronger than men? With the right weight and resistance training it very much an attainable feat. Even a fair amount of regular weight training can augment the strength of a woman by nearly 50%, something that is sure to aid you in completing your everyday chores and challenges.


    • Incinerate those pesky calories: With proper and intense weight training, you are set to amplify your metabolic rate to impressive levels as a result of EPOC (Excess post exercise oxygen consumption). This essentially means that you continue to burn calories from your unwanted fat deposits even post your workout session for over 36 hours!


    • Boost your fight against diabetes: Diabetes has become one of the most common, but life- threatening disorders especially in the last few decades. While diets and simple work outs support in the management of sugar levels in blood to an extent, it has been proven by a number of researches that weight training suppresses glucose levels by ensuring better dealing and manipulation of sugar by the body.


    • Maintain Metabolism: It is a well known fact that metabolism diminishes with age. Weight training ensures that the rate stays significantly high even after the threshold of 35 years thereby aiding in burning more calories.


  • Burn Fat Burn: While most cardio and other workout regimens do burn fat, you also tend to lose a significant amount of muscle in the process. These workouts, according to several studies, burn much less fat than weight training. Weight training helps you gain lean weight while burning fat. In the long term this muscle gain ensures that you do not gain back the fat you lost before. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about your clothes fitting you in the future. Putting on muscle does not make you gain bulk like men. The process is tied to a number of hormones and women simply do not possess a level that could cause you to become bulky.

Acquiring better Fitness and Appearance

Apart from the numerous health benefits that come with weight training, it also serves to improve your overall fitness and appearance which in turn increases your confidence levels to a great extent.


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